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Charcoal Body Scrub

How it works:

Activated charcoal body scrub exfoliator removes dirt, oil, toxins and other harmful impurities from the skin, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. Coupled with Sea Salt and essential oils, this charcoal scrub is an even better exfoliator for painful acne and ingrown hairs.

A great cleanser and detoxifier for your skin, charcoal exfoliating scrub draws out deep-settled debris to purify pores, freeing skin of impurities and restoring a healthy, natural glow.

Key Benefits:

Detoxifies the skin
Gets rid of dead skin cells
Balances the oil levels in the skin
Helps to clear acne and eliminate scars
Reduces irritations and soothes problem spots

How to use:

For shower use:
1. Add a small handful of salts to warm bath water, soak.
2. Gently massage a small handful of body salts onto wet skin using a circular motion.
3. Can be used as a body/foot scrub 2-3 times per week.
4. Make sure to moisturize your skin after exfoliating. Your skin will be lightly scented, soft & moisturized.

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