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Beard Care Kit

How it works:

HEAD HAIR, BEARDS & MUSTACHES – will all benefit from this natural wooden comb and 100% boar bristle beard brush set. Works great on any type of hair including long, short, thick, thin, soft, firm, coarse and tangled beard hair.

100% BOAR BRISTLE BEARD BRUSH – Natural boar bristles help distribute oil,  improve hard hair texture, styling, shaping, smoothing and conditioning. Great used with beard oils, balms, waxes & conditioners. Ideal for firm beard and satchel grooming, softening and styling.

100% ORGANIC BEARD OIL – will stop that dreaded beard itch and beard-ruff,  dead in its tracks by gently moisturizing the skin and hair follicles making them softer and easier to maintain.

Key Benefits:

Our beard oil to help you grow and maintain your glorious Man’s Mane
Specially formulated with the absolute best carrier oils, make beard gentle
Our beard oil proprietary fragrance is the perfect balance of masculine, sporty,  refreshing, and crisp spices  to have everyone begging for more
Keeps your beard healthy, conditioned and full and builds a protective barrier against  the dreaded  beardruff

How to use:

1. Beard Wash
Use your favorite scent of Beard Wash. Rub a small amount into the palm of your hands and wash your beard, making sure to wash the skin under your beard. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat if necessary.
2. Beard Conditioner
Massage gently into a lather and work through to ends. Allow sitting for a few minutes for maximum results. Rinse beard and hair thoroughly.
3. Beard Oil
Rub the desired amount into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and massage it upward into the facial hair while making contact with the skin underneath.
4. Beard Balm
Rub onto your fingertips or on any Brush/Comb. Work the balm into your skin under your beard, then out to the ends of the hair.
5. Beard Brush、Beard Comb
Simply groom and style your beard the way you like it. The brush will help to evenly distribute the Magic Beard Balm through your beard and will act as a leave-in conditioner to give it a smooth, healthy shine.

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