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Hair Regrowth Serum

How it works:

BIOTIN FOR HAIR GROWTH – Biotin infused formula combined with unique clinically studied ingredients has shown to help promote healthy hair regrowth and slow down the rate of hair loss in men and women with normal-to-thinning hair.

PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – Unlike other anti-hair loss solutions, this leave-in hair growth serum can be used by everyone in the family and is safe on all hair types – normal, dry, oily, damaged, color-treated, thinning or ethnic.

Key Benefits:

High-quality gloss, strengthen hair.
Strong anti-off, dense hair growth.
Strengthen the hair flexibility.
Hair care, moisturize hair, remove oil.

How to use:

1. Dispense 2-3 drops of serum onto the scalp or into the palm of your hand.
2. Using fingertips, gently work into the scalp by massaging in a circular motion.
3. This is a leave-in product. Allow time for hair serum to fully absorb.
4. Do not blow-dry right away.

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