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24k Gold Caviar Facial Serum

How it works:

Repair your skins natural collagen, silky and smooth skin.
The extracts of caviar promote the regeneration of the skin, nourish thoroughly and rejuvenate the skin.
Replenish skin moisture, lock in moisture, help solve dry skin and water shortage problem.
The 24K gold essence quickly penetrates the skin, instantly moisturizes and provides sufficient nourishing ingredients to the skin.
Stimulate the potential of skin self-recovery and rejuvenate the health and vitality of skin.

Key Benefits:

Total skin care for complex skin trouble
Hydrating and nutrition supplying the essence
Gold capsule helps to purify effect

How to use:

1. After applying toner, apply essence on face.
2. Press skin with hands from center to outsider.
3. Massage face until total absorption.

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