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24K Gold Facial Serum

How it works:

Collaxy collagen protein is added with apparent effect for loose skin, can instantly convert nutrition ingredients needed by skin, allow the skin to recover vitality.
Reduce expression wrinkles on the face, micro-grooves on eyes, forehead wrinkle, nasolabial wrinkle, and neck wrinkle, improve water content of the skin, allow the skin to be more fine and smooth.
Improve roughness of skin on the face, as well as holes and various microgrooves caused by weakened skin repairability due to the outflow of collagen protein.

Key Benefits:

Increasing elasticity
Lifts, tighten, illuminate and hydrates your skin
Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

How to use:

1. After cleansing, taking some 24K gold serum, smear on forehead, cheeks, nose, mandible.
2. Press skin with hands from center to outsider.
3. Press with the finger, around lips, etc.
4. Massage face until total absorption.

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