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CBD Facial Mist

How it works:

GET THE GLOW Spray away dull, dry skin! Instantly energize and hydrate lackluster complexion with Hemp + Vitamin E Micronutrient Facial Mist.

MUST-HAVE MICRONUTRIENTS Micronutrients may be small, but they’re vital to maintaining soft, glowing skin. Vitamin E and other essential vitamins dive deep into your skin, enriching each cell with the nutrients they need to heal and strengthen.
HYDRATE WITH CBD From soothing acne to moisturizing to the max, CBD facial oil helps the skin become healthier with every drop.

BREAKTHROUGH HYDRATION TECHNOLOGY Revolutionary technology helps lock in moisture.

Key Benefits:

1. Rejuvenate the skin
2. Giving you skin clear
3. Smooth complexion you desire

How to use:

1. Closing your eyes, hold the bottle about 20cm away from your face and spritz all over.
2. Use morning and night to make your regime work harder or throughout the day to refresh and revive.

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