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Transform your skincare range with bespoke solutions from a leading supplier in China.Blackbird Skincare offers manufacturing, packaging and private label services for your unique product vision.

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One-stop Service Features

Full Category Manufacturing

We are a full-service manufacturer of private brand products, providing a wide range of high-quality personal care products, including skin care, haircare, body and bath care.

Full Process Tracking

We provide customers with one-stop service, detailed service process and FAQ through our own brand or customized products to meet customers' production and business development needs.

Comprehensive Delivery Plan

As a full-service brand partner, weal ways adhere to strict formula guidelines, regulatory requirements and continuous process improvement to ensure the delivery of the best products.


Product Creation Made Easy

No need for professional knowledge, no need to increase product development costs, you can directly choose our ready-made products according to the brand's product planning, and give it your own brand concept.

Faster Time To Market

There is no need to go through a complicated product development stage, and it only needs to pass a simple packaging material compatibility test to go into production, achieving shorter delivery times.

Capture Market Share Faster

The products are updated quickly, with short update cycle, and are quickly introduced to the market to seize market share and seek greater development space.

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Factory Certificates: GMPC, ISO22716, ISO9001, FDA
Packaging Certificates: FSC (Environmental Protection Certification), EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)







Quality Inspection

We have introduced the world’s advanced testing equipment to
provide solid quality assurance for product development and production.

Total Quality Control

1.The production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001 and GMPC quality system, which meets the international top skin care product manufacturing standards.
2.Throughout the manufacturing process, each process will take corresponding measures to manage and control quality.

Quality Inspection

1.We implement AQLⅢ level quality inspection standards higher than peers.
2.Our entire production process implements five major testing links, including formula testing, raw material testing, packaging material testing, semi-finished product testing, and finished product testing.
3.We have introduced a series of advanced testing equipment to make quality control more accurate and reliable.

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