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Blackbird expertise lies in easing the private label process, offering top-tier products and insightful guidance to successfully launch and grow your personalized high-end skincare brand.

Who We Are

Blackbird Skincare, with over 20 years in the industry, is a trusted partner for numerous global brands, specializing in crafting exceptional facial care products to realize your brand’s vision.

Our team, passionate about skincare, provides expert guidance in Private Label development, supporting you at every stage of your journey.

We present an extensive range of product and packaging options, enabling you to curate a distinctive product line that balances cost-effectiveness with premium quality, all manufactured with care.

Based in Guangdong, China, Blackbird specializes in facial care solutions for top spas, salons, and retailers globally

What We Offer

Our portfolio boasts over 4000 formulations, focusing on high-quality, naturally derived ingredients for our exclusive facial care series.

Adhering to EU ISO22716 and US GMPC certifications, we guarantee that our products meet not only your high standards but also comply with global regulations, ensuring safety and quality that benefits your brand reputation.

Our Private Label services are designed for extensive customization, offering low start-up costs and reduced lead times, providing brands with a feasible and efficient route to market success.

We are committed to safe, effective and organic facial care products

How We Formulate

Rooted in scientific excellence, our formulations guarantee not just safety for your customers but also a long-lasting shelf life for your products.

We blend the best of nature and science to deliver visible results, enhancing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat purchases for your brand.

By prioritizing natural and organic ingredients, we ensure your skincare line stands out for its quality and purity, directly contributing to your brand’s success and customer trust.

Why Choose Blackbird Skincare for Private Label

Elevate your brand with our specialized, high-quality facial care products. Our efficient production and keen market insights ensure a fast launch, enhancing your brand’s reputation and profitability.

Benefit from competitively priced products with low minimums, designed to boost your sales, customer loyalty, and profit margins.

Key Benefits

Higher Profits – Our cost control is at the leading level in the industry, providing you with highly competitively priced, high-quality products.

Fast Time-to-Market – Our professional team and advanced equipment ensure rapid product development, allowing you to get your new product to market quickly and seize the first opportunity.

Fast Market Response – Our professional marketing team keeps up with market trends and can quickly respond to changes to help you capture market opportunities.

Increase Sales – Involving your team in the development process of private label products can significantly increase product sales.

Meet The Team

Tiana Bian

Tiana, is a visionary leader in skincare innovation and market strategy. Her academic background in Public Administration, combined with a rich experience in global health and financial sectors, has uniquely positioned her to identify and capitalize on emerging trends in skincare. Tiana's insight from her time at the World Health Organisation and expertise gained in Shanghai's dynamic financial services sector fuel her passion for developing Blackbird Skincare into a premier brand in the international market. Under her guidance, Blackbird Skincare has flourished, harnessing innovative marketing and strong customer relationships to become a leading name in bespoke skincare solutions.

Ava Wang

Sales Director
Ava Wang, our Sales and Marketing Director at Blackbird Skincare, brings a wealth of expertise from her international business studies at Nanjing University, 2013-2017. Ava's journey from academic excellence to the forefront of skincare marketing and sales is marked by her profound understanding of global market dynamics. At Blackbird Skincare, she strategically drives sales, nurtures product development, and ensures exceptional client care. Her keen insight into customer needs and market trends, combined with a passion for the skincare industry, makes her an invaluable asset in guiding our clients towards success with their private label ventures. Ava's role is instrumental in educating our partners about market opportunities, product potential, and the nuances of successful branding in the competitive skincare market.

Jonas Chan

Market Business Manager
Jonas Chan, our Market Business Manager at Blackbird Skincare, is a pivotal force in defining our market presence and client engagement strategies. With his diverse experience in marketing and business management, Jonas has significantly expanded our client base and enhanced annual revenue. His proficiency in strategic business development and client relationship management is grounded in his educational background in Finance from Beijing Foreign Studies University and Real Estate from Guangzhou College of Commerce. Jonas's innovative approach to partnership development and his acute market analysis skills have greatly contributed to Blackbird Skincare's market influence. His leadership in marketing and communication strategies, combined with his expertise in operational management, has been instrumental in our rapid growth and success in the skincare industry.

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