Additional Services

While providing you with high-quality private label services,we also provide a range of additional services designed to fully support every aspect of your face care product from concept to market.

Design & Print Services

Professionally Designed – Unique labels customised to your brand and market, from simple styles to a variety of creative styles.

High-quality printing – We use advanced technology and strict control from material to process to ensure vibrant colours, durability and crisp details.
Cost-effective – We are committed to providing cost-effective design and printing services to help you achieve cost-effective brand presentation without sacrificing quality.

Product & Offering Development

Turning your ideas into reality is our mission! Whether we are fine-tuning an existing formula to suit your specific requirements, or developing an innovative formula from scratch that is unique to your brand, our team of chemists look forward to working closely with you to create high-quality solutions that are a perfect fit for your product range. If you would like to customize a special project beyond our current catalog and brand offerings, please feel free to contact our project consultants to discuss the additional services we can offer. 
We’re also passionate about helping you find distinctive packaging and other unique design elements that make your face care products stand out.

Finishing Touches

As our cooperation enters its final stages, we hope you will see our full range of efforts – from in-depth market research, carefully crafted brand strategies to post-launch promotion support, designed to ensure that your products stand out in the fiercely competitive world.Our professional team will work closely with you to let our professional services accelerate your brand’s success.

Logistics Support

Our team of professionals will assist you with all aspects of the process, from packaging and warehousing to shipping, while providing real-time tracking and management to ensure transparency and timeliness. Wherever you need to ship your products, we offer cost-effective and reliable options, including special climate controls and customised logistics strategies.
By working with us, you’ll receive personalised service and expert advice to help you overcome your logistical challenges and get your products there.

Our Project Consultants Are Here to Help!

Learn more about how easy it is to start your own line of custom skincare and hair care.

*BLACKBIRD takes your privacy very seriously. All information is only used for technical and commercial communication and will not be disclosed to third parties.