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Hair Growth Serum

Hair Growth Serum with Copper Peptides and Biotin stimulates follicle activity and promotes hair growth while strengthening the hair texture to prevent hair loss effectively.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Copper Peptide: enhances follicle health and promotes thicker hair growth.
  • Biotin: Hair-strengthening fibers to reduce hair loss and enhance hair density.
  • STIMULATES FOLLOWER VITALITY: The copper peptide and biotin mixture penetrates deeply into the scalp, effectively stimulating follicle activity and accelerating the hair growth cycle.
  • Enhance Hair Structure & Prevent Hair Loss: Provides essential nutrients to the hair follicles and scalp, strengthens the hair root and helps prevent hair loss problems.
  • Improve scalp health: Biotin improves nutrient supply and promotes the growth of healthy hair follicles. The antioxidant properties of copper peptides protect the hair base from environmental and chemical influences.

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