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VC Brightening Moisturizer

Highlighted Benefits

  • Vitamin C: Harness the power of Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that brightens, revitalizes, and infuses your skin with an unbeatable glow, fighting off signs of aging and environmental damage for a flawless complexion.
  • Mandarin Orange & Tranexamic Acid: Experience the dual-action brilliance of Mandarin Orange combined with Tranexamic Acid, working synergistically to lighten dark spots, even out skin tone, and enhance your skin’s natural luminosity.
  • Japanese Mandarin & Yuzu & Hyaluronic Acid: Dive into a refreshing burst of hydration with this unique blend. Japanese Mandarin and Yuzu invigorate and energize, while Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture, ensuring your skin remains plump, hydrated, and dewy all day long.
  • Wild Butterfly Ginger: Discover the protective magic of Wild Butterfly Ginger, a natural wonder that shields your skin from daily stressors, promoting a healthy, robust barrier for a youthful, resilient complexion.
  • Unparalleled Brightness: Infused with our exclusive high-potency Vitamin C, this moisturizer targets dullness and uneven skin tone, revealing a radiant and more even complexion enhanced by the zest of mandarin orange and tranexamic acid.
  • Deep Hydration & Refreshment: Dive into a reservoir of moisture with Japanese mandarin, yuzu, and hyaluronic acid, ensuring your skin stays hydrated, plump, and refreshed throughout the day.
  • Natural Defense: Fortify your skin’s natural barrier against environmental aggressors with the protective properties of wild butterfly ginger, offering a layer of defense that keeps your skin resilient and youthful.

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