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Argireline Anti-Wrinkle Serum

A powerful serum formulated with Argireline peptide, clinically proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles and lines and support hydration for a smoother, more replenished complexion.

Highlighted Benefits

  • ARGIRELINE peptide: A revolutionary peptide that mimics the effects of Botox, relaxes facial muscles and dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful skin texture.
  • VITA-POLYPEPTIDE: Advanced stabilized vitamin C promotes youthful radiance while neutralizing free radicals.
  • K-SCIENCE BLEND: Combines K-beauty selected ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, Heart Leaf, Fig Extract and Chamomile Flower Oil to provide a refreshing and soothing skin treat.
  • Innovative Wrinkle Reduction: Featuring Argireline™ peptide, known as ‘Botox in a bottle’, this serum targets facial tension and fine lines, visibly smoothing skin texture for a more youthful, relaxed appearance without the needles.
  • Skin Barrier Fortification: Enriched with Ceramide NP and the exclusive K-Science Blend, our formula strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, enhancing moisture retention and resilience against environmental stressors for healthier, plumper skin.
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Harness the synergistic effects of Vitamin E and Vita-Polypeptide, bolstering your skin’s defense against aging free radicals while promoting vibrant, rejuvenated skin with improved elasticity and firmness.

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