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Intense Repairing Hair Mask

The highly concentrated Intense Repair Mask dramatically increases shine, smoothness and volume while providing deep, light hydration for visibly healthier hair.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Squalane and Ceramide (AP, NP): Strengthens the structure of the hair fiber, improves elasticity and protects against external damage.
  • Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate: rebuilds and repairs hair damaged by chemical treatments or heat styling.
  • Various Amino Acids (e.g. Arginine, Glycine, etc.): Strengthens the hair root, promotes hair growth, increases density and strength.
  • Deeply Repairing & Nourishing: Combines natural oils with highly effective moisturizing ingredients to provide deep repair and nourishment to dry, damaged or treated hair.
  • Enhanced Protection: Squalane and Ceramides help strengthen the hair fiber to effectively resist damage from daily environmental and chemical treatments.
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Replenishment: Rich in amino acids and vitamins, it promotes healthy hair growth for smoother, shinier hair.

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