Skin Products

Intense Moisture Shampoo

Restores vitality and health to dry or damaged hair, relieves irritation and itching caused by dryness, and also improves strength and elasticity to reduce breakage.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Argan Oil) – Deeply nourishes and repairs, enhancing softness and shine.
  • Coconut Oil (Coconut Oil) – Promotes healthy hair by providing moisturizing and anti-damage protection.
  • Shea Butter – Enriched with vitamins and fatty acids to strengthen the moisture barrier of the hair and scalp.
  • Extremely Nourishing & Repairing: a blend of Argan, Coconut, and Shea Butter to provide essential nutrients and deep moisturization for dry and damaged hair.
  • Scalp Health Support: Contains ingredients such as aloe vera and dextrose to help soothe the scalp, reduce dryness and irritation, and promote a healthy scalp.
  • Hair Strengthening: Strengthens the hair’s structure with amino acids and natural plant extracts such as turmeric leaf and salicylic acid to enhance its natural brightness and vitality.

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