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C E With Ferulic Acid Serum

This daytime vitamin C serum offers superior environmental protection, visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, firms skin, and brightens the complexion.

Highlighted Benefits

  • 15% Pure Vitamin C(L-ascorbic acid): Powerful vitamin C that combats free radicals and shields against oxidative damage, while delivering prominent anti-aging advantages.
  • 1% Vitamin E(Alpha tocopherol): The pure form of vitamin E, acting as a potent antioxidant, effectively neutralizes free radicals and restores skin’s lipid barrier.
  • 0.5% Ferulic Acid: A powerful plant-based antioxidant that combats free radicals, enhancing the antioxidative effects of vitamins C and E.
  • Unmatched Skin Defense: C E Ferulic merges vitamin C, E, and ferulic acid, slashing UVA/UVB, ozone, and pollution damage, fiercely combatting atmospheric aging.
  • Age-Defying Transformation: This serum excels in anti-aging, significantly softening lines and enhancing firmness for a smoother, rejuvenated look.
  • Luminosity Boost: C E Ferulic illuminates your complexion, revealing a radiant, youthful skin that beams with vitality.

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